Writing Challenge: WriYe

I know that some of you were looking for a writing challenge to do.


Inspired by Chris Baty's brain-child, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), National Novel Writing Year was born in 2003: a year-long writing event that stretches your creativity and determination to an entirely different level. In 2009, however, we decided to officially drop the "NaNo" from our name to acknowledge that this is not just a National event, but instead an International one. Also, most people will be writing multiple works over the course of the year, thus rendering the "Novel" aspect as too limiting.

To participate in WriYe, first you must determine your desired goal for the year. Taking that goal, sign up for the club in which your goal fits and work towards it from 01 January to 31 December until you've reached the end.

Essentially, the clubs are for support and friendship, but know that you do not have to communicate with only those people in your club and inter-club relations are strongly encouraged

Every Word Counts


Ok guys, I've finally got all your April totals together! These counts are the result of the daily word count posts we have received from each of you. We have gone over and double checked everything we've been given and these are the totals as we have them. If you don't see yourself, that means we never got a comment from you on the daily word count post. This month has been closed so we won't be accepting anymore counts.

With that said, here are your counts for the month of April! :D

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And now for the big number. :D

Through the month of April we have all written:


You made it guys! The banners should be up this weekend. :-) If you have questions please comment.

~Cat & Zippit
Every Word Counts

Springwrite Day 120: Friday, April 30th, 2010

Prompt for Friday, April 30:


Word count for Friday, April 30th!

Or if you would rather post for the week:

This is for Day 120, Friday, April 30.

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